Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spring Saturday

Today was such a pretty spring day! It was about 65 and very sunny! We started out this morning going downtown and visiting some of the shops. Some sold t-shirts, key chains and other touristy things. We went into a fur shop and saw lots of **interesting** styles of coats. There was also a coyote tail key chain. I decided that one would not be coming home with me today. We saw some boots that we liked and they were only $600. Here is a picture of them below:
We also visited the Visitor Information Center Log Cabin (#2 on our list) and got lots and lots of information about things to do in the area. We got maps and information for the parks in Anchorage as well as guide books for other cities we want to visit including Seward and Homer. Some of the things are really cheesy. For instance, we can take a dog sled tour. In the middle of summer. On a sled with wheels. Lame. I will wait until winter, thank you very much. Here is a picture of the log cabin, so rustic and right in the middle of downtown!

You can see in the picture the huge boulder on the left side of the door. It is a piece of Alaskan jade that was found in a creek above the Arctic Circle. It weighs 5000 lbs.! The cabin was just a very helpful place to visit for anyone visiting or new to the area.

For lunch we ate hot dogs from this little cart downtown. It was perfect because we were able to sit outside and enjoy the nice weather. Steven ate a reindeer dog, but don't worry it wasn't Rudolph! I just played it safe and stuck with a beef one...

Then we visited the Oomingmak Musk Ox Producer's Co-Op (#5). Some farmers shear the qiviut (the downy soft underwool of the arctic musk ox) from the oxen in the summertime and then spins it into yarn. They send the qiviut into the villages and the artisans there knit things out of it like hats, scarves and headbands. The qiviut is finer than cashmere, 8x warmer than wool, doesn't itch like wool, doesn't shrink, is lightweight and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. We are planning to go back and get hats for winter... I want one with some cute little ear flaps. The building has lots of oxen painted on the outside:

After a quick break for a trip to Best Buy and some basketball-watching, we went to Resolution Park (#10). It is right by the water and the mudflats. We also saw the Port of Anchorage and some of the metal shipping boxes. The statue is of Captain James Cook, who I am sure you are familiar with. He was a great explorer and is celebrated for his mapping and surveying skills.

Here is the view of Cook Inlet and the mountain that is across the water. It is called Mt. Susitna, but everyone calls it the Sleeping Lady. it is now almost 10pm and it is still very light outside. We have been forgetting what time it is and going to sleep later than normal!

It has come to our attention that no one comments about our posts. This is somewhat sad. We might stop writing and updating if y'all don't start leaving us some comments soon. THANKS!!!!



  1. Sounds like your having fun!
    Keep the posts coming.

  2. We went to Anchorage in June to build a church and I was so amazed that it is light for 23 hours a day. There were kids out riding their bikes at 11 o'clock at night. I told my husband that I couldn't believe that they were out there at that time, but I guess that they take advantage of all the sunlight, since in the winter, I heard that it is very dark!!!!! Well it looks like you guys are having a blast....


  3. Hello from Virginia, I hope this works... I have no idea what I'm doing... with old age comes technical challanges.. but I wanted to tell you how excited we are for your adventure. I have been checking in on your blog and love the list... I hope you get to do everything on it and then some. You may recall when we visted GA last summer we were talking about the whole family going on a cruise to Alaska. Well, we are still hoping to make it there summer 2010. I hope your still there and we can visit. Can't wait to see what adventure you go on next and really want to hear about #79 -- got to do it, this is an opportunity of a life time. Tons of love from Aunt Karen, Uncle Jeff, Austin and Kurtis

  4. I'm reading! Don't stop writing!

    Looks like you're having an adventurous time in Alaska! Next time you have three extra round trip airline tickets, let me know. We would love to come visit! :-)

  5. Hi. We're reading; just haven't had time to write. Michael just got home from JMU on Sat. Not sure what he is doing this summer... Alyssa is going to the prom with her boyfriend at his school (he is a senior) this Sat. So glad you are enjoying your new home. Looks cold though. I think I would like it staying light for so long but probably wouldn't get much sleep! Take care.