Sunday, May 17, 2009

Martha Stewart Weekend

So, no travels this weekend because Steven went back to Atlanta for his friend Chris's wedding. He said that it was a very nice ceremony and reception. I know it meant a lot to Chris that Steven could be there. Congrats Chris and Christie!!!

I stayed here in Anchorage and did lots of things around the house. First I primed the last dresser that needs to be painted. This furniture painting will be the death of me, I think. Here is the progress...

This piece has doors that go on the top and one drawer within. Then it has two other drawers at the bottom. Plenty of room to hold all of my clothes! Now all it needs is 2 coats of chocolate brown paint and it will look like Steven's dresser that I already painted:

We have the TV, but we don't have cable, so we just watch movies on it! I also made some curtains this weekend. Some for the kitchen and some for the living room.
They look really nice and I am proud of myself!
Here is a picture of the kitchen curtains. I also wanted to include a picture of the eating area. Steven brought me home those beautiful flowers on Wednesday...they smell so good and really brighten up the area! Thanks Steven!

Now, here are some pictures of the living room. Everything is complete except for a TV and also something above the fireplace. I am thinking a mirror might be nice, but I have to find one that I like. There is no Marshall's or TJ Maxx here and that makes me sad! Here is a picture of the curtains and the fireplace:
The curtain fabric is greenish-blue with a brown toile print. It is very nice and goes great with the furniture. I am glad I picked it because the furniture looked very manly. Next is a picture of the coffee table that was the first piece of furniture that I repainted. It has this great underneath compartment and I use one side for pictures and the other side for books and movies. I got the leaf basket on sale for $1.99 and the tea cup (if you can see it in the picture) for $.49! Cute and cheap!
Now all I need to do is make some pillows for the sofa out of the same curtain fabric. I will get to that later in the week after work. Speaking of work, Steven and I are both very busy with our jobs. He is really enjoying and doing well at sales and I am working with special needs kids. Right now I am working with them while they are in school during the day and also after school. School gets done here on Thursday, so next week, we will begin the summer program. It is just like a day camp. The kids don't come every day of the week, most come only 2 or 3 days. They are also pulled out for individual and group therapy with the clinicians. Anyway, I really like working there. Once the summer program begins, we will take them to the lake, the park, on hikes, to the pool, do arts and crafts, play sports, go ice skating etc. It will be a great way for me to work and still see the city during the summer!

I have found a great way to save money and only go to the grocery store once a week- a meal menu! I have done this last week and also this week. I wanted to share with you what we are eating this week!

Sunday- Spaghetti pie
Monday- Grilled cheese and vegetable soup
Tuesday- Bacon and tomato bagel melts
Wednesday- Roasted vegetables and chicken with penne
Thursday- Marinated steak and baked potatoes
Friday- Omelets with cheese and tomato

I didn't plan anything for Saturday night because we might be sightseeing around Alaska since it is Memorial Day weekend. Alright, I am about to have to go pick up Steven from the airport! Hope you are enjoying reading about Alaska!!! We like comments!!!



  1. I really like your coffee table! It looks really nice, and I love the pictures underneath. Menu planning is a great idea too: but bacon? Are you eating bacon now? Don't tell Bubie and Zadie!


  2. get a bigger tv. love steven's mind and joel

  3. You have done an awesome job with decorating your apartment so far. The furniture looks awesome as well! Keep up the good work! I so wish that I could sew. I love the idea of a mirror over the fireplace!!!:)