Sunday, April 12, 2009

Anchorage Pictures Finally!

We are so sorry for the delay in posting pictures of our new city and apartment...we have had such a busy week! It started out with Steven buying a car and also finding an apartment! We live in South Anchorage (which is the nice part of the city). We have a washer and a dryer AND a fireplace! Living big, huh?

Yesterday, we took a scenic drive down Rt. 1 towards Girdwood, Alaska. Girdwood has a very nice ski resort called Alyeska. We will have to check it out next winter. This picture is of some mountains across the water on part of the Kenai Peninsula. If you look really carefully, you can see the huge chunks of ice floating on the water. We just drove a few miles down the road because Girdwood is about 40 miles away.

We haven't gotten the chance to do too many things outside yet because we have been busy making our apartment nice and homely-like. Here is a picture of our kitchen "nook" as Steven likes to call it. There is the microwave that we picked out- thanks Mom and Dad! Also thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Connors for the vacuum cleaner. It does great cleaning up all of the gravel and sand that they put on the roads here. I picked out some nice little place mats and the bar stools we got from some nice people who are moving to Cordova (a little island in the Aleutians) to live on a sailboat! I think that I am going to paint those too...the same color as the coffee table.

Here is another picture of the kitchen. Look at our nice stove and hardwood floors!

Finally, here is our living room. As you can see, we do have a TV, but no cable or satellite yet. I haven't been missing it, but Steven doesn't know what he will do when playoff Cavaliers basketball games are on. You know how he loves his Lebron James :) . Anyway, we got the furniture from the same family who is moving to the boat. Notice the coffee table in the middle of the room. It started out looking kind of rough, but with some sand-papering, priming and painting, I think that I have really given it a brand-new life. All that's left to do to it is to put some polyurethane on top and then spray paint the old drawer pulls or buy some new ones. We haven't decided yet. There are also these little cubbies on each side on the table. There are doors that go on there, but I think I might leave the door off of one side and put some baskets in there for some cute, decorative storage.

Also in the living room, please notice the fireplace! Maybe out first visitors will be the lucky recipients of a blazing fire in the wilderness of Alaska!!!

Note to mom: can't wait for my sewing machine, so I can make some nice pillows for the sofa...looks a little manly don't ya think?

We both have busy weeks this week. Steven has work and I have some job interviews. I am confident that something will come through for me this week! I am also going to begin working on refinishing the two dressers as well. I am sure that with a little chocolate brown paint, they will be looking sharp!

Finally, I want to leave you with a picture of the view from our back porch. There is a door to the porch from our living room and our bedroom. Can you see the mountains? It is hard to photograph the mountains because they are white and the clouds are white! Click on the picture and make it bigger, then you will be able to see the beautiful mountains of Chugach State Park. Try not to be so jealous of us! We miss everyone! Email us and we will send you our address here!


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