Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Well we spent our first day in Phoenix, Sunday, getting situated and moving us and all our stuff to my Great Uncle Ben's house. Him and his wife Vicki have been very nice letting us stay during our extra long layover. We also got to visit with my Great Aunt Margie.

Our second and third days began with a hike in the city recreation area/park behind their house. Basically the desert and mountains with some trails for hiking and biking. We hiked up the mountain and got some great views of the city of Phoenix. Rebekah saw her first cacti, which she was very excited about. We need to get in a lot better shape before we start hiking up the giant mountains in Alaska. On Tuesday afternoon we picked oranges off the tree in the backyard and made some fresh orange juice.

Tommorrow we are driving up to Sedona to go on some hikes. I also need to figure out how to better change the layout for multiple pics. I'll work on that...



  1. Good Luck with your new adventure!

    Uncle Brian

  2. Hi Rebekah - Your Mom gave me your web site. You always were adventuresome! You left out on your profile where you were born and spent your early childhood years and made great friends-Virginia! Hope you can continue this blog once you get settled. Enjoy and keep us posted. Elizabeth, Dave, Michael, and Alyssa

  3. Thanks Uncle Brian. Your welcome to visit anytime.