Sunday, March 29, 2009

5 day layover in Phoenix

Mt. Redoubt (south of Anchorage) erupts only about once every decade. Who would ever have thought that it would happen on the weekend that we are trying to move to Anchorage!

When we arrived in Phoenix last night, we went to catch our connecting flight to ANC. Unfortunately, our flight was cancelled due to all of the volcanic ash in the air. We are now booked on another flight on Thursday night. Pray that the volcano settles down and goes back to sleep.

For now though, we are just enjoying the lovely weather here in Phoenix. Luckily, we were able to contact Steven's great uncle and are staying at his house in Moon Valley (a neighborhood area in Phoenix).

Tomorrow we are planning on doing some hiking and enjoying the warm weather before we try to journey again to the Land of the Midnight Sun. We are just making the best of this CRAZY situation.

I will post some photos of Arizona soon. I saw a real-live cactus today- very exciting!

We are missing everyone!


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