Monday, August 2, 2010

Sea Kayaking

Back in June, Steven and I went sea kayaking out of Homer, Alaska in Kachemak Bay State Park (#37). Kachmeak Bay is part of the Cook Inlet (#57). It was our first time traveling to Homer as well (#46).

On the way to Homer, we stopped by the Norman Lowell art gallery (#47). Norman Lowell is a famous painter who paints Alaskan scenes from rivers to mountains to cabins. His paintings are pretty well known. We enjoyed looking through his gallery and even the store. Although we would have liked to bring one home, they were a little out of our price range and went well into the $30,000 range. We got to see the painter himself, who is quite elderly, but was getting around just fine in his "rascal" motorized scooter.

On the way to Homer, we also stopped by the Bear Creek Winery (#107) and did a tour and tasting.
This winery is famous for fruit and berry infused wine. I really liked the strawberry wine and Steven liked the port. This winery is definitely a home-grown business venture as it is operated out of a small building next to the owner's house. Outside of the house was a very cool rope swing with 4 seats surrounding a tall metal pole. As you swing around, your momentum really gets you flying high! I got a little but dizzy, but Steven LOVED it!

The next day, we were headed out on a sea kayaking adventure through Kachemak Bay. We had a great guide who took us. We went with the group, Homer Ocean Charters. Our guide was very experienced and she taught us many great things about the bay.

As you can see, kayaking fashion is pretty trendy and cute! The highlight to the trip was two-fold. First, the calm seas were perfect for kayaking. We also enjoyed the sunshine, which has been a rarity in Alaska this summer. The other best part to the trip was getting to kayaking into a small cave after the tide had gone down a little bit. Inside the cave were TONS of sea stars and sea urchins.
We also got a GREAT view of Mt. Iliamna, one of the volcanoes. It is near Mt. Redoubt.

On the way out of town after the kayaking trip, we took a scenic picture of the Grewingk Glacier (#38).
We got got a great view of the Homer Spit from East End Road.


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  1. lOVE reading about all your adventures.So interesting.
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