Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day at Sea in College Fjord

After a very scenic and beautiful day in Glacier Bay, we had another sea day cruising across Prince William Sound (#55 on the list) and going through College Fjord (new entry #105 on the list). In Norwegian, fjord means "mountains out of the ocean". It does look just like the mountains are coming straight out of the ocean. Not only are the mountains very scenic, but like Glacier Bay, College Fjord has lots of glaciers. Steven went out of the dining room during supper to get this shot, but look how gorgeous!
While we were on the boat, we took a cooking class with the head chef on the Pinnacle Grill, which is the small and intimate upscale restaurant. It was a Spanish cooking class and the menu was chili-rubbed swordfish kabobs, shrimp, mango and jacama salad and chocolate flan. I helped with the kabobs and Steven helped with the flan. I had never heard of jacama, but it was a pretty tasty vegetable that they eat in many other countries, such as the Phillipines. It can be likened to a potato. Here is a picture of me with the kabobs before cooking them.

Steven was very proud of the chocolate flan. It was very good!

After making the lunch, everyone who participated in the cooking class got to sit down for a lovely meal. I didn't really like the swordfish. It didn't taste like it was thoroughly cooked, although that is supposedly the way it is supposed to be. During the afternoon, Steven and I both went to the gym and then Steven went to play basketball with some other people on the ship. Dinner was a "formal" night so we got all dressed up.

After supper, at 10pm, there was a Dessert Extravaganza. All of the pastry chefs worked very hard to make quite a spread of desserts that not only looked great, but tasted good as well. This is bread shaped like a dragon!


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