Monday, May 17, 2010

Mount Baldy

This past weekend, we decided to hit the trail for our first hike of summer 2010 (new entry #101). We headed out to Eagle River, Alaska which is about 10 miles outside of Anchorage. The trail was only 1.5 miles each way, but it was very steep on the way up. We were lucky and got to see some para-sailors who were taking off from the side of the hill. Apparently, they will "sail" all the way out towards Palmer before they will land.

The trail was pretty steep on the way up. There was still quite a bit of slushy snow and mud coming down the hill...we got our feet pretty muddy! This was surprising considering it was May. Once we got to the top, the view was beautiful 360 degree views of pretty mountains.

After a quick break at the top, we decided that taking an alternative route to the bottom would be our best bet. Actually, this was a pretty good plan seeing as how muddy the main trail was on the way up. We went down the side of the mountain, where lots of blueberries and crowberries were left over from the summer. The hike went well until we reached some large patches of snow. They were very slippery, so I decided to slide down on my bum and then use my feet to stop when I needed to.Everyone else decided this was a great idea too! This was a good plan for those that could "put on the brakes" so to speak. One of the friends we were with, didn't put on the brakes too well and it got a little out of control for him and he ended up in some bushes. Luckily he came out scratch-free. We continued down the mountain unharmed until we reached some thick bushes. We then had to climb carefully through the bushes until we were at the bottom. Here I am climbing through the bushes and the deep snow. My foot kept getting stuck in the snow and a few times, my shoe even came off!

We got to the bottom with some wet boots and wet pants. It was a fun hike and not too hard. I would suggest that anyone who decides to attempt this trail, wait until late May or early June.


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