Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Long Drive Back

After visiting Fairbanks and Chena, we had to drive all the way back to Anchorage. We drove all the way back on the Richardson Highway and then the Glenn Highway. We went through Glenallen, Alaska. This route is only about 120 miles longer than the Parks Highway and we got to see many new things. First, was this store called the Knotty Shop. At first, I wasn't quite sure what we would find there. It ended up being a store (that was closed this time of year) with many different animals made out of knotted wood out on the front lawn.
After the Knotty Shop, we saw lots of mountains and trees. Pretty soon, we passed a bridge over the Chena River and what else did we see but the Alyeska Pipeline that carries oil from the North Slope to Valdez where it is loaded onto oil tankers. Here are a few pictures of the oil pipeline as seen from our drive.

Finally, we passed a small Native village named Gulkana. It was right across from a river on the side of the highway. It wasn't much but a few houses (maybe 8-10) and I am sure that they get lots of tourists coming by that want to see what a village is like (although I am sure they are nothing alike). Anyway, Steven and I thought that this sign was interesting...
This is an example of a "dry" village because alcohol can not be brought in, drank there or sold there. Some villages are considered "damp" because alcohol cannot be sold there, but can still be brought in for personal consumption/enjoyed.


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  1. Very nice trip! especially like the ice sculptures.
    Have lots more fun.