Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dog Sledding

After watching other people mush dogs during the Iditarod, we decided to try it ourselves (#85 on the list). So, we drove out to Knik and met with GB of The Iditarod Trail Kennel. GB participated (and finished) the Iditarod and Yukon Quest. He has many dogs, all of whom ran in one or both of the races as well.

First we learned about the sled and the basic controls. We then hooked up all 8 dogs and traveled out to the oval course off the historic Iditarod Trail. With GB riding along we both drove around the loop getting a feel for the course and the dogs.

After that I drove around with Rebekah in the basket, and then we switched. It was a blast and the dogs has a ton of fun as well!

When we were done with driving, we rode in the basket as GB took us for a trip up the Iditarod Trail. It was narrow and there were a lot more hills, so I am glad we weren't still driving.

GB was a great host and loves showing off his dogs. He only charged us $20 per person, when we have seen similar packages for much more at other more "touristy" locations. We recommend anyone who is interested visit the website and send an email to GB.

On the way home we stopped to take some pictures of Knik Arm.


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