Saturday, February 13, 2010

Moose Mail

Just this week, when Steven was going to get the mail, there was this silly moose standing on our neighbors' porch. He is a small little buddy, but looks to be very hungry!! Moose are herbivores, consuming fruits and plants. An adult male moose needs to consume 9770 calories a day to maintain his body weight!! That's a lot of grass!

The weather was reversed this past week in Anchorage and Atlanta. While Atlanta was in the middle of a "blizzard" receiving 2+ inches of snow, Anchorage was experiencing unseasonably warm temperatures of around 37 degrees. This caused the roads to get a little wet and muddy and icicles to form on many roofs here.



  1. Wow, what a great long post! (lol) Are you watching the Olympics up there? Don't mock our snowfall. I enjoyed it...


  2. Moose on the loose!!!!
    Love, Mom