Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sledding on Flat Top

Just the other weekend, we decided to go sledding up on Flattop (new item #96). First, we needed a sled. We ended up finding an inflatable inner tube that has some handles (that you can use to hold on to for dear life!). We thought that it would be PERFECT for sledding, and it was! Then, we set out on our adventure. Here is Steven, posing with our sled and the warm and cozy winter hat from his Mom.

If you remember, we hiked up Flattop back in the summer. Do not get confused- we did not make the loooong hike all the way to the top. We walked up the steep trail for about 10 minutes and we happened upon a very nice hill that was perfect for our sledding adventures! At the bottom of the hill (before you get to the trees) was a lot of fluffy, deep snow. Perfect for stopping your sled before you crash into the scraggly Alaskan pine trees. Then we got to sledding! Here I am riding down the hill on Brittany and Jason's sled...

After a little while of sledding, Steven decided to get creative. He built a "jump". He was thinking that when he would hit the jump on your sled, you would fly into the air and have so much more fun. Unfortunately, he could not get the snow packed down enough on the jump and each time the sled would hit it, a bunch of snow would fly into your face. Good thing Jason brought some ski goggles!!! Here is a picture of Steven narrowly missing the pine trees.

Finally, here I am riding the sled. As you can tell I am a little airborne!!! Oh my! The inner tube sled was scary because it would spin around while we were riding on it. Then, we were not able to see where we were going.

Here is a picture of us at the end of the adventure! We are alive! We were also able to see Denali from up on the mountain! I tried to take a picture, but it didn't come out very well. Oh well!!


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  1. You're such a dork. Bring some snow with you tomorrow!