Sunday, September 27, 2009

Snow and Skis

I was surprised on Tuesday morning when I was driving to work. There was white stuff all over the mountain tops behind the house! At first I wasn't quite sure what it was. I mean, we had certainly never seen it in Georgia before (well maybe once a year). SNOW! It makes the mountains very pretty and with the tourists clearing out of Alaska, there is less traffic and the restaurants downtown are becoming less crowded. It is officially fall and winter is quickly approaching.

Above is a picture that I took on my way to work. The mornings are becoming a little chilly, but nothing more than a light fleece is needed! I know the time is coming nearer for my preschoolers to need snow pants, coats, snow boots, hats and gloves before going outside to play! We will see how long it takes for them to get ready.

Yesterday we went to a winter sports swap at the Sullivan Arena. People can bring their old skis, ski boots, snowboards, coats, sleds, hockey skates and ice skates and sell it there. Steven and I each bought a set of skis and some ski boots.

So we are all set for skiing. Except for helmets...very crucial. We don't want to end up with a concussion like Tim Tebow did during their game yesterday!

Today we drove up past our house to Glen Alps Trailhead parking lot. I really wanted to see some snow-in person. I ended up a little disappointed though because there was only the tiniest bit of snow on the ground. For some reason, I expected there to be a foot of snow already. It was beautiful though!
Here is a picture of the snowball that I threw at Steven's car...

Here is a picture documenting my first experience with Alaskan snow. Notice my red fingers; I need to use hand lotion about 5 times a day. The air is way too dry here.

Nothing else is happening here. Working and watching football and some quilting. I have 3 quilts almost completed, so I will post some pictures when they are all done! Hope everyone stayed dry from the floods.

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  1. Keep posting!! I'm reading it Rebekah! I love hearing about your alaskan adventures, but i think we should chat soon. when might you have a free minute?


  2. be interesting to see some pics of you on those skis - ur dad

  3. That's funny, really, because usually I'm a lurker, not a poster. (Like the kind you hang on the wall? Not.)

    On a completely different subject, I painted my fingernails today with the nailpolish I got in Alaska. And cake in a jar? AH-mazing.


  4. I read them all - keep the posts coming! (have trouble posting comments for some reason)