Monday, July 20, 2009

4th of July in the 49th State

This year was our first year celebrating the Fourth of July in Alaska. It was different than we are used to in Georgia, but fun just the same. We started our day by driving south to Girdwood (where the ski resort is in the winter). They were having the Girdwood Forest Fair, which occurs most every year during the Fourth of July weekend. There was music, lots of food, crafts to buy and a beer garden. Some people even camped out near the fair. We felt a little out of place because we were not wearing tie-dye shirts and walking around barefoot. The food was really good. Steven and I shared a buffalo burger and some homemade kettle corn. There was also a parade which consisted of all of the Girdwood fire engines (about 6 trucks), the Girl Scout troop, and some mountain guiding companies. The highlight of the parade was when one of the trucks in the parade threw out snow instead of candy. They had went up high on the mountain earlier in the day and brought it down in coolers! Definitely a change from parades on the Fourth in Georgia!

After the parade, we met up with our friends, Brittany and Jason, who have also just moved here from Georgia. We all decided to go to Whittier, only about 40 more miles from Girdwood. Whittier is the town where lots of cruise ships dock. To get there we had to go through the tunnel. While driving through, you have to drive right over the railroad tracks. Once in Whittier, they were having their Fourth of July celebrations. They had one activity for the kids where spare change was dumped on the ground and all of the kids had smaller buckets to collect the change in. It was hilarious because all of the parents were coaching their children to only pick up change and not gravel!

After Whittier, we headed back to Anchorage. On the way, we stopped at Potters Marsh so that we could capture some pictures of the birds that live there (#18). As you can see, Steven got a lot of great ones! He is such a great photographer! We have decorated our apartment with lots of his pictures!

We were planning to go to see the fireworks, but they weren't happening until about 12:00 midnight (because it is semi-dark by that time). We had had such a long day, so we decided to skip the fireworks.

On Sunday we went for a bike ride on our NEW mountain bikes. We had bought them a few days earlier. We biked from the downtown start of the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail about 4.5 away to the sewage treatment plant and back (half of #16 on our list). So, a total of 9 miles. Steven and I both enjoyed the ride, although I was tired after the long ride!

Sorry for the lack of frequent updates...I am trying to get better about posting!!!


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