Monday, June 22, 2009

Menu Monday!

Sorry for the delay in posting! Steven and I have both been very busy at work lately. I am really enjoying working with my girls this summer. We have a great group although it is tough to keep their behavior in check. However, I am sooooo glad that my kids have not had any major blow-outs (read: violent tantrums where you think that the devil has gotten a hold of the child). I did have to help with a 6 year old who was kicking and screaming and throwing a trashcan at another staff member. EEEEKKKK!

Steven has been selling, selling and selling phones. Very busy guy! He also has time for fun too. He was at his co-workers' house on Friday jumping on the trampoline with his kids. So silly!

So here is our menu for the week. I will start with Sunday because I made something yummy yesterday.

Sunday- Chicken Fettuccine
Monday- Broccoli and Rice Casserole
Tuesday- Taco Bake
Wednesday- Yummy leftovers!
Thursday- Steaks and oriental salad (thanks Mrs. Connors...such a tasty recipe)
Friday- Grilled cheese and veggie soup

Now only if I could manage to cook for just 2 instead of about 6!

A few weekends ago Steven and I visited the Anchorage Museum (# 4). It is in its new building at a new location. There were some very interesting exhibits. First was one called "Art of the North". All of the paintings, prints and drawings were from explorers and artists creating art about Alaska. It was so interesting. The next exhibit was about all of the different groups of Natives that live in Alaska. They had different houses for each of the groups. It was good to see the differences in how the groups live and what they hunt for based on where they live (ex. Aleuts live near the water so they use all of the parts of the fish). The last and best part of the museum was titled "Gold". Obviously it was about gold. There was a movie, information and pictures about mining for gold, the difference between 14 kt. and 24 kt. gold and then objects made of gold. Some were from the ancient Incas and Aztecs, some were from India and some were from Tiffany's and Cartier. They also had some very nice activities for kids to do including science feel-and-touch experiments and paper crown decorating using gold stickers. Of course we made a stop in the gift shop, but we didn't find anything within our price range to buy. Everything was from local Anchorage artists.

Tomorrow I have to ride on the bus to Kenai (about 2 hours away) to pick up the kids from camp. They went there on Sunday. Apparently they will be a little smelly because there are no showers available for kids to use while there except in an emergency pee-the-bed situation. I figured that they could wash off in the lake, but apparently that is glacial water, oh my! I am on crowd control all the way back on the bus. So exciting! The girls in my group do not know that I will be there to get them, so they will be excited.

We are going out to eat with a girl that I know from college and her husband on Sunday. She was in my sorority. He just got transferred here with FedEx. I am super excited to add one more person to our football game watching group!

In other news, Jon and Kate of TLC fame have filed for a divorce. I am completely devastated for their children. I hate to see this family being broken up. Now if those Duggers and their 18 kids can just manage to stay together I will be happy. Who has seen Secret Life of the American Teenager? I know it comes on ABC Family, but its themes do not strike me as family oriented. I would be embarrassed to watch this program with my father at age 22, yet alone at age 15. EEEEKK!

On that note, have a great rest of the week! Hope y'all Georgia folk are enjoying the 127 degree weather! ;)


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